A Tribute in Honor of:
Mark Cain, A. L. Buddy Irby,     
Sam Jones, Shannon Purvis
From the obituary for Mark Cain:  "Mark W. Cain of
Kosciusko, 51, died as a result of a train accident
Sunday, July 10, 2005, in the Anding Community in
Yazoo County."
From the Kosciusko Star Herald:  "Mark Cain, 51,
was one of four people killed when two freight
trains collided Sunday morning in Yazoo County.  
He was the engineer on one of two Canadian
National Railroad trains that crashed in the Anding
community head-on."
Brothers Lost to Us, Sunday, July
10, 2005

From Ginny Cain, Mark Cain's widow:  "He was on
a call job.  He was asleep when they called him.  I
woke him up; he packed his lunch, kissed me and
told me he loved me, and I didn't see him again."

From the mother of Shannon Purvis, quoted in the
Jackson Clarion Ledger soon after the wreck:  "He
loved the railroad," she said.  "His life has been
taken from him."

From the Memorial Plaque:
"We will never forget!"
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