Mississippi Railroad Heritage, Volumes 1 & 2, stories from Mississippi
railroad families, contain photos that recall memories of locomotives,
depots, and workers from across the state.  From the time in 1828 when
cotton planters at Woodville envisioned a road of iron to replace the
slow and troublesome ox wagons, to the present effort to save and
restore railroad buildings in Mississippi hometowns, the tale unfolds of
courage and drive, setbacks and progress, and bygone days when
passenger trains ran at all hours, stopping at stations large and small, to
carry folks to all points of the compass.  For information call                        
This old Vaughan, MS depot came from Pickens Station on the Illinois Central
Railroad.  Until recently, it housed the Casey Jones State Park Museum, but now it
has been moved to West, MS, to serve as a visitor center.  Thank you, citizens of
West, for saving this Mississippi landmark building.
An old photo of the Madison, MS Depot reflects the heyday of cotton
shipments and strawberry production in Central Mississippi.  A copy of this
station picture hangs in the Strawberry Patch Cafe, located at trackside where
the depot once stood.
ICRR 9562 stands at the Canton Depot in this photo provided by Joe Marascalco.
The renovated station now houses the Canton Train Museum and offices for
community organizations.